InfiniteRule Security

Sleek Locking Design to Protect Your Investment

Lock your tow hitches, off-road hooks, D-Rings and more with InfiniteRule Locking Pins and know your hardware will always be there—even when you’re not.

InfiniteRule SEMA Award

Secure your hitch, D-rings and shackles. One key can be used for multiple pins.

Whether you use your vehicle for recreation or at the jobsite, protect your hardware with highly engineered, heavy-duty locking pins built to be as good looking as they are strong. Featuring a clean design, the InfiniteRule lineup includes the only locking pins available for shackles and D-rings and offer a significant improvement in appearance over other shackle or D-ring mounting options on the market.

Choose from a wide variety of products to fit your needs, from universal, heptagon and threaded locking pins to hitch pins. Each product has the added convenience and security of an exclusively keyed internal lock, as well as a uniquely sleek tapered head design that makes grabbing with a wrench or pliers nearly impossible.

All InfiniteRule products are constructed in the U.S. with high-quality, heavy-duty machined steel and a nickel finish for maximum fatigue resistance and ultra-durability. The award-winning, patent-pending locking pins are simple to install and certain to provide peace of mind while safeguarding your equipment. Secure all your hook, hitch and D-ring accessories. For your convenience, one key can be used for your multiple InfiniteRule Security locking pins.

Locking Pins for D-Rings, Shackles, & Hooks

61000 7/8″ Universal Locking Pin For Monster Hooks, Inc. Swivel Hook. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

61002 29/32” Non-Threaded Locking Pin For 3/4” D-Ring/Shackle. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

61005 7/8” Non-Threaded Locking Pin For Monster Hooks Reaper Shackle and Swivel Hook.

61014 7/8” Locking Pin for AMI Demon Hook – D-Ring. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

61016 7/8” Locking Pin for AMI Demon Hook – Hook. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

61024 7/8″x 3-7/8” Revolver Locking Pin.

65012 1” Non-Threaded Locking Pin For Stack’d Racks Shackle.

65013 1” Non-Threaded Locking Pin For 7/8” D-Ring / Shackle.

65015 7/8″ Locking Pin For Wicked Rails Extractor Bumper Hook. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

Trailer Hitch Locking Pins

61008 5/8” Class III & IV Locking Hitch Pin for 2” Receiver.* Will not fit late model Toyota Tundra and Tacomas, you must use our Class V 61009 model. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

*Lock opening up to 2-5/8″.

61009 5/8” Class V Locking Hitch Pin for 2-1/2” Receiver. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.*

*Lock opening up to 3-1/8″.

61017 5/8″x 3-5/8” XL Locking Hitch Pin for 3” Receiver Hitch. 

61019 5/8″x 3-7/8” XXL Locking Hitch Pin. Fits Bulletproof Hitches Drop Hitch.

61023 3/4″ x 3-7/8” Locking Hitch Pin for Gen-Y MEGA DUTY Drop Hitch. Comes with Tethered Lock Cap.

Lock Cap & InfiniteRule Security Gear

Tethered Lock Cap

It can be used on Models 61000, 61002, 61008, 61009, 61014, 61016, 61017, 61019 & 65015.

InfiniteRule Security Snapback Hat

Snapback style fils all sizes. Available in black and gray.

InfiniteRule Security Black Flexfit Hat

Available in 2 sizes: Small to Medium, and Large to Extra Large.

8″ InfiniteRule Security Window Sticker

White outline window sticker. 8″ x 2-5/8″.

Locking Pin Demonstration

Watch how quick and easy it is to install InfiniteRule locking pins to secure your D-Rings, shackles, and tow hitches.

One key can be used for multiple locks.

Made in USA

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